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Why Ganga Breast Care Centre?

Ganga Hospital has grown steadily over the years due to constantly introducing cutting edge scientific advancements in the fields of Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedics and at the same time being patient centric in every decision that we take and every action that we do. We were among the first in the region to introduce microsurgery, re-plantations, early debridement, fixation and flap cover, On Arrival Block, microsurgery for lymphoedema, Ganga Air Ambulance and many more concepts in this region.

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We at Ganga Hospital will be happy to answer any doubts that you may have regarding treatment for breast cancer, breast reconstruction or for cosmetic surgery for the breast. Please enter your mobile number and your email ID so that we can reply back to you. You can scan and attach your reports or photos which would enable us to make a decision. Alternatively you can whats app your doubts to the Ganga Breast Care Unit number +91 9952617171. The corresponding doctor would respond to you within 24 hours

  • The name, contact number, email id, reports, photos and medical condition of the patient will be kept confidential and we respect the privacy of the individual.
  • Opinions can only be made based on the information provided. Direct clinical examination is the best means by which we can make a decision regarding treatment for the patient. Hence this is not a substitute for direct clinical examination and consultation online is merely an opinion based on the information provided.